Rider won't stop


Once I begin my ride, my rider (me) begins to roll out and I’m not even settling on my bike.   And my swift rider keeps riding despite my not pedaling one revolution.

Is this normal?  Looking at my stats, I see accumulating milage, etc, and I’m not even riding!  

How do I fix this?




That is not right. Are you sure you are looking at your own avatar? Sounds silly, but you can’t skip easy items when trouble shooting. If you are ‘just watching’, you will be looking at other riders by default. Click within Zwift world and it will bring up a “back to me” and “menu” button to click on. If you are properly paired to your setup and it still happens, you may be sharing an account by mistake(?). Maybe Zwift has you confused with another user. Submit a ticket.

if you have a smart trainer its probably not calibrated right and is always giving you a certain amount of watts even when not peddling, another way to check is going downhill 6% grade at 35mph (so it must be a big hill) if you stop pedaling for about 1 full second your avatar should go into an Aero tuck.  If not its because your trainer is misreporting watts.