Why are riders passig nme non stop when I ride?

I’m a newbie to swift so was wondering what I might be doing wrong. I have a Magnus smart trainer I just bought. Seems like when I ride and giving 'er, riders are passing me like Im standing still. Am I THAT slow? Or, are my settings not set up right?

Thanks in advance!


We would need a lot more info to assist you.

What watts are you putting out during the ride?

What is your speed on the flats?

Is the trainer calibrated?

Is your weight correct within Zwift? 

What kind of bike and what is the wheel size?

How is your trainer connected to Zwift (Ant+, BLE, iOS, PC, Mac)?

Is the speed in Zwift close to your real whole speed?

What is your biking experience?

I have been using Zwift for over a year and I get passed a lot. There are some very good cyclist in Zwift (some Pros) with some not so honest ones.  

Thanks Paul for the quick reply. I just got on Zwift last night so Im really new to this and the sport. Answers goes as follows:

Watts: I thought I seen like 35. I wasn’t on it long but don’t laugh. Lol

Speed: 25 mph?

Trainer: Cycleops Magnus. Not sure how to calibrate it. didn’t see much info but will check website again.

Weight: I thought I filled it out initially when I joined zwift. How can I check that?

Bike: Trek Xcalliber 7 29" MTB

Trainer connection: I have a dongle coming but using android phone to send to laptop then to TV.

Not sure about this one and “whole speed”

Biking experience: Novice.

Again, thanks for your time. Just looking to get into shape and have fun and :maybe, be somewhat competitive. (wish full thinking)



Check your watts next time you are riding, 35 would be really low. I would expect to see something over 100 watts at least.

Speed of 25mph on the flats would be a very good speed, are you sure that was on a flat and not a slight down hill? In the upper right hand corner on Zwift you will see the virtual grade, 0.0 is flat, +1.1 would mean a slight incline, -1.1 would be a slight decline. You will see a number of different numbers, I just gave some examples.

My Tacx trainer has an app for my phone with a calibration function.

As of right now Zwift only supports 700c wheels, but a 29" is very close so I don’t think that would matter much. Saying that, your MTB will not have the top end gearing that a road bike.

Connect might have a small thing to do with it so you will need to compare once you get the Ant+ dongle.

I meant “real WORLD speed” 

If you are just starting out then I would expect you to get passed a lot within Zwift.

I am watching r=the Big ride tonight and not one leader has a smart trainer paired. Just another way to cheat. Plus they all have the skinniest avatar. So they all must weigh under 150.

I guess where it is possible to cheat, some riders will. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the human animal.

If like me you are using Zwift to supplement your outdoor riding, you will have a rough idea if your outdoor numbers are wildly different from your Zwift numbers and tweek Zwift or your bike gearing until they approximate.

Athletes looking to gain fitness, power and speed in the ‘real’ world require solid data from Zwift that can be analysed along-side data gained in the real world.

The more a rider uses Zwift the more a rider can spot manipulators. Manipulators quickly lose respect within the community. Respect is hard to earn and lost very easily, even the cheaters know this. 

Because they are cyclists and doping is an epidemic ;-).  

Honestly though it does take away form the experience for me too.  Here are some ideas if you want to ride with the the skelatons blasting by you.  But lats face it they probably don’t wanna ride with you.

  1. Change your wieght to the lightest possible.

2. If you have a power meter use your trainer instead, zPower gives me gains of about 25 - 40 watts.

  1. Shop form the trainer that gives you the highest zPower numbers and use that traininer.

In no time at all you will be the guy blasting by everyone on zwift and getting dropped on your local B rides.

But there are no real respect points earned for dropping someone on zwift like there is on the road as much as zwift would love that.  Alternatively you can stick to your system and use zwift as a tool.  start with a FTP test  and start doing a training plan to develop your FTP.  In 9 weeks you will be blowing by real humans. :smiley:

Keep riding.  You will find others who match close enough to have fun.  Try an event.  THose usually break up into  like W/kg groups


If you don’t like it change your weight to 150lbs like the people passing you.  

I am struggling with this issue too. I just started on this and used it 3 times. I have a kickr snap smart trainer (the one that uses the back tires on). My speed comes up at about 6 miles per hour when I KNOW I am riding faster. And my avatar stops periodically, which totally psyches me out. And EVERYONE passes me. I normally ride about 13 miles/hour on flats. I don’t believe I have a dongle… I use my laptop and it syncs before I ride and I calibrate it on the Kickr Snap app every time. I’m using my body weight of 150. What am I doing wrong? 

Thanks, Louise

PS my bike is a carbon fiber, Cannonade Synapse.

And watts are super low too… 


Is the firmware up to date on the Kickr?

What watts are being reported to Zwift?


I think there were updates when I first hooked it up, but will double check. Watts do vary appropriately, but are around 40-60 often, which do not seem close to appropriate. 

Zwift only shows what the trainer is broadcasting so you might want to contact Wahoo Support.

Ok, will check into it. Thanks! Louise

Try different settings on the Zwift ‘trainer difficulty’ feature too. Take it up to 100% and allow Zwift to lay on the resistance, then find an 3-4% incline on Zwift. At that point really try hard to push those pedals, you should be able to see your watts increase while your cadence decreases. From there drop trainer difficulty until it matches what you’d expect to feel outdoors.