Rider-Size Proportional CdA

I seem to recall that there was mention of implementing this…

I hope I was remembering correctly because I feel we need it. Especially for race-pace events. I can’t really participate when it’s impossible for me to stick with people on the downhills. It hasn’t been all that much of an issue with moderate group efforts, but when the fit hits the shan and you turn the gas up to full, things are a bit different. The flat parts of the course aren’t as far off as the downhills (from reality for me) but I still can’t really compete on the same level as in reality. It’s off by maybe 1 mph or so.

I agree that the drafting isn’t quite right yet. I’m assuming the ultimate aim is for it to feel real. I’ve been keeping an eye on my watts/kg over the last few rides and even on the flat I’m roughly the same as the rider in front. At 2.5 watts/kg my understanding is that I should be roughly 20% less in the draft which would be around 2 which doesn’t ever happen…

On the downhills the speed is high enough to spin out top gear and if I’m in the draft I shouldn’t get dropped by up to 15 seconds. If anything I should be having to check my speed

I also think the draft effect when in a bigger group should be increased

I like the idea of using rider height AND weight to calculate their drafting effect

I think they have done something with this and it seems way to far in favour of the light guys now. At 95kg I have to push really hard to try and keep up on the climbs and now on the downhills I can’t get back any time at all. It was much better as it was in that it allowed us heavy guys to get back a small amount of time on the downs.