Rider list on right not showing correct order

(Aki Sato|EXPO|TFC(D)) #1

Can’t tell if the list is lagging (seems sort of like it) but the order is not correct. In the picture below A.Sato (me, in blue) is ahead of R.Ruyack (rider in black). In the list the order is reversed.

At one point I caught R.Ruyack (we were riding together) and on the right the gap said 10 seconds and I was passing him.

(Aki Sato|EXPO|TFC(D)) #2

I forgot to look at build/version but Zwift App updated this morning (June 21, 2016, Eastern time USA).

(Geoffrey Easton ZHR G) #3

Just completed a ride and I noticed exactly the same thing. As you say, sort of laggy but not quite. I had one rider who overtook me and stayed a couple of metres ahead for quite some while but he continued to stay behind on the listing. I had to slow down basically to re-arrange the order correctly.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #4

Hi Aki,

We’re aware of the issue and we are currently looking into it.

(j oey) #5

Today’s update is still showing the same issue.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #6

Thanks Joey. We are aware of the issue still and are still looking into it. :slight_smile: