Rider database is broken

Should be Zwift’s new slogan :rofl: :relieved: :pensive: :sleepy: :sob:


Where do we get updates on this issue?

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I believe updates are available via this technological marvel:


Unbelievable that a company valued at $1Bn has such non existent customer service.

I haven’t seen their recent funding pitch but linked to this perhaps?


Is RGT the best alternative to Zwift?!


Has anyone seen any official communication for this issue? The racing data is highly motivational for me. Do we get a credit to our account for lacking functionality for such an extended amount of time?


Can only hope it’s resolved by this: ZwiftPower Planned Outage November 16 2020


yes zwift has to solve this problem. hurry up zwift


It’s a huge part of zwift appeal to track racing points. When will this be fixed? Not racing again until it is


I feel the same and lack of communication exacerbates the issue. A simple post would go a a long way to calming the situation.

Zwift without zwiftpower is unthinkable.


Same, waiting on Zwift to fix this.

Doesn’t look like the server upgrade fixed the racing points issue. Unless it will work for races going forward and not fix races retroactively. :frowning:

EDIT: Site is down again. Maybe they are still working on it? It was up for almost 30 minutes, well before the 9pm PST end time of the upgrade.

yes, no Ranking Points again after Update:-)

Anyone else getting ‘Internal Database Error’ on each page?

ZP is working fine for me right now.

But still no ranking points updates. Hope at least they tell us when it’ll be fixed.

I’m not longer getting ‘Internal Database Error’ and it appears it’s now working.

Is it possible the ranking points are calculating/updating and shown at top of rider profile correctly when clicking ‘Info’ alongside ‘Race Ranking’ but not showing against the individual races?

Asking as I’ve got ranking points which have changed in the week but the ranking never shows against any race.


Rider search still broken too so fare to say they werent interested in fixing anything at the same time (probably wise given how much they break stuff when doing other stuff these days).

No ZwiftPower LIVE on events after the update (even when LIVE is enabled). This is one of the most crucial functions of ZwiftPower I use as an event/race organiser. Please advise when it will be working again.


I may be due a few points myself but others in my recent events definitely would have got them, but no-one in any Cat shows as having received them so fingers x’ed, they are still being recorded and the bug is in showing them.

I will seriously consider other platforms if it is not resolved, right now there’s no added value. What’s the point of having biggest number of riders when you don’t implement any sensible racing system and simultaneously break existing functionalities? And on top of that communication strategy a’la “we dont give a ■■■■ about our paying customers”