RideOn squeezes out HUD info [1.53] [Nov 2023]

I run into another weird behaviour today with v1.53 on Android:

The HUD looks like this with Level and Steering information shown:

When I get a Ride On from someone, the name shortly pops up but the Level number (“46” in my case) and Steering information (“On” in my case) disappears. Like this:

It is a bit weird - I would expect either the Level number and Steering info to stay there OR just to hide it and show the Ride On information across the whole box (i.e. over Level and Steering).

Are you using a non-English UI for the game application? If so - which is your preferred language?

I think that happens to me with Zwift play on English UI. Can’t remember off the top of my head if it stopped yet…

I use English UI for the application.

Thank you both for reporting this and giving additional context on language preferences.

I am seeing @Martin_Skapa on Android 13 device and @Hans_Whipple using Windows 11. If others are seeing this HUD information squeezed when receiving a RideOn - please let us know what OS version you use to Zwift.

Ciao anche io vedo queste informazioni su Apple TV in italiano