Ride Ons in Zwift Mobile Link

When I press the Ride On button in ZML, I hear the “Ride on!” sound effect, but have no idea who I am actually giving the thumbs up to. So who do ZML Ride Ons go to by default? Is it the rider nearest to you? Or whoever in the on-screen rider list has an orange thumbs up next to them at the time (e.g. someone who’s just set a PR)?

I can’t easily reach my keyboard or mouse when I’m on my bike, so would prefer to use ZML to do this, but want to know it’s going to the right place first.

I’ve wondered that as well.  If you use the “Riders Nearby” tab, you can direct your Ride Ons, but I don’t know what the Ride On button at the bottom of the Map screen does.


When you hit ‘Ride On’ on ZML, it’s more of a general encouragement for everyone around you, rather than to a specific person.

I like to give Ride Ons to folks who have just got PR’s so it would be a lot easier to tap the orange thumb if it was mirrored on ZML by overlaying them on the map or dashboard screens.