Ride London 2018 Workouts in Zwift?

Hi all,

As an existing Zwifter, but fairly new rider I was very happy to see in my Ride London 2018 Congratulations mag that a full 16 week training plan is going to appear on Zwift (or that’s how it reads)…

I’ve started the existing 4 week plan (which is different from the plan in the mag)… and am going to take part in the Group Workout tonight (thanks for that)… but this seems to be different again from both the existing workouts and the plan described in the mag…

HELP… am I just missing the new workouts on Zwift…? or are they not available yet?  16 weeks before the ride is 2nd April… but I really want the chance to get ahead a bit/make up for some future busy weekends.

Thanks, Lou 

Hi Louse, I was just logging in here to ask the same question, so thanks for asking first. Hopefully the 16 week plan will be available soon to follow.