Ride into Start Area to join an event


When you warm up before and even and then get teleported to the start area, one fit file is created for the warm up and one for the event and warm down.

I love to be able to simply ride into the start area and join the next event that way. When in the start area your workout would essentially be paused until the actual start of the event and also perhaps logging lap messages into the fit file so that it can be analysed if required.

Maybe evan have a small loop track that you could ride around and then ride into the start area just before the event starts.

This would then create just a single fit file and record all your warm up time too.

Thanks Ants

I would guess you are in the minority in this request since most would prefer to have the .fit files split into 2. Maybe Zwift could have a toggle option for creating one or two based on what the user(s) want.

I sometimes end up with 3 or 4 workouts on strava, not to mention getting multiple notifications of people starting a workout.

But yeah, I know that even IRL some people create separate workouts for warmup/race/warm down but I prefer to have just one especially if you are uploading to strava as you may not get the monthly distance challenge if you split the workout (IRL only of course).

While this isn’t possible right now, it sounds like you could use something like fitfiletools.com. There, you’ll be able to combine the two fit files, are re-upload them to Strava as a single ride 

Excellent idea. A single Zwift ‘session’ resulting in multiple rides being posted to Strava is rather silly and off putting. Being able to ride to the start seems very sensible.