Ride into Paris go slowly

Good evening, today I tried for the second time one of the two routes in Paris world.
Unfortunately I had the same problem as the previous time i.e. after 3-4 km, the game started to jerk making it impossible to continue with the game.
The game progressed by one second every 3-4 real seconds.
This problem occurs exclusively in the two route of Paris, in all the others I have never had problems.
I add, the behavior is the same both from a pc with windows 10 and from a smartphone huawei p20 lite.
Can someone help me?

Hi @Enrico_Merli welcome to Zwift forums.

That’s not a common symptom. To understand what’s happening, we’d need to see the log files from your computer(s) running the game app. Please follow these instructions to locate the logs and also to send them to our Customer Support team.

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Thank you @shooj for the answer.
Tomorrow i will follow the instructions you gave me.