Ride California Challenge map not advancing

I am currently signed up for the Ride California challenge. One of my favorite things about the challenge is going to the Ride California challenge map after I finished a ride to see how far I went and what city or place I went through. When I was at 65% completed, I just advanced past San Francisco. I recently rode another 125 miles and am now at 80% complete. However in the map, it still shows the same as when I was at 65% completed. So is Zwift saying that there is nothing north of San Francisco worthy to see in California? Because there is some beautiful country and landmarks in Northern California that I would think that they would want to highlight in the Ride California Challenge map.

It does appear to stop at San Francisco Gregg.

ZwiftInsider talks about this here:



Thanks Paul for the information. How is it really Ride California if you stop in San Francisco. I think that it is terrible that Zwift would not want to showcase the rest of the state. There are so many great locations in Northern California such as Lake Tahoe, Eureka, Mount Shasta, Redwood National Forest, and Redding just to name a few.