Rhino Racing Safari Series starting 15th March(Tuesday/Friday)

Wondering what to do now ZRL is over then grab your team and come racing with the Rhinos.

Rhino Racing Team Safari Racing Series With
Just over a week until the start of the inaugural Team Safari series its time to confirm and register your teams. The deadline for registering will be 12th March.

What is it?
Team series that can be made up of riders of different Zwift categories: instead of categorizing single riders, the whole team is auto-catted (i.e. placed into a division) based on its roster power so no need to worry about going over cat or losing riders mid series. Squads of 8 riders with best 6 scoring in each race.

Tuesdays and Fridays for 3 weeks from 15th at 18.30 GMT/UTC,

There are a mix of Individual Time Trial, Team Time Trial, Points race and the completely new concept of the Team Points Hunt to close the series. Scoring is equal between positions so whether you are fighting for 1st or 50th it all counts to the teams score.

Signup https://forms.gle/Ju4XZcxuYoYnjFBZA

More info Road book - Dropbox - RhinoTeamSafari_Roadbook.pdf - Simplify your life Rule book - Dropbox - RhinoTeamSafari_Rulebook.pdf - Simplify your life

Join our discord server for latest info and race control team are their to answer all your questions.


looks fun, too bad the whole world can’t be on one timezone :slight_smile:


yep, if successful we can expand to other zones would be the plan next time

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We joinded this series with my team. At that time we did 3 / 6 races.
We can allready say than this is amayzing organisation !
Fun :

  • Logo
  • Organisation on discordSerious:
  • DIV clasifications


  • Results (clear and provided within 2 hours)
  • Different primes - points (Spint races / Climb Race / iTT / NEW TTT [with Sprint & KOM primes on TTT] …)

Compare to Zwift racing league (allready know by a lot of riders).

  • You will find more race format
  • You will find more familial opportunity to discuss with other teams
  • You will find more interesting races (not only FLAT road as you can see usualy)

Thanks to Rhino team organisation
Ride ON


Thanks for the great feedback.

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