Resurrect game mode idea

i was thinking about this earlier today and found an archived thread from 5 years ago about it. now that futureworks has come up with some brave new ideas and expansions, i think they should look at this options again. i would envision it as an event on a closed course with elimination or “bracket” style rounds. maybe 10 riders per race. very short custom course, a few laps but lasting less then 10 minutes or so. top 2 or 3 would move on to the next race, and so on depending on how many sign ups in total.
It should include all the aspects of futureworks so far: steering, boost, custom powerups…(but probably no pacepartners) Steering should be basic: avoiding obstacles (logs, mud puddles and to gain powerups) and crashing should be implemented (maybe like NES Excite Bike, just sets you back 5 seconds)
Custom powerups straight out of mario cart: drop a banana peel to crash a rider behind you. maybe throw a water bottle to get someone ahead of you, and a frame pump to stick in the spokes of someone besides you.
take pieces of the mtb course, maybe the course has a brief fork in the road. One way is up a super steep short hill, the other goes the long way around.

Right now all the pieces are there, you just need the event and venues. i’m sure there are people who don’t want more gamification, fine this is an event you don’t have to sign up for. but it could be fun on a whole different level, and an insanely hard HIIT type workout too.