More Games for Meetups

I would like to see expansion of options within meetup to include more game options. Lets call it Zwift Arcade. Let me explain, essentially I am asking to take advantage of the virtual world and create games challenges we can play with friends we ride with. I have included a few examples below.

Game #1: There are a series of sprints and the person who is last in each spring is eliminated until there is only one left. Once eliminated you would still be able to ride but you won’t be eligible too win.

Game #2: (Upside Down Enduro) You and your friends in a meetup ride a course with a series of hill where only the uphills are timed. Awarded winner overall and for each hill.

Game #3: (Cat and Mouse) The meetup coordinator selects a course, and everyone is started at locations based on their FTP or a predetermined distance. The person with the best FTP would be started farthest back and have to catch those with the lower FTP.

Game #4: Not so much a game just a way to keep group rides with everyone stuck together more interesting. Have an option to have single file pace line put in order of wattage or w/kg. This meaning even though everyone will automatically be kept together you can still move around the pace line depending on effort.

I am sure there are many other, but stuff like this would keep the meetups interesting whether its a couple buddies or big club meetup.

What are some other ideas you guys have?