Results from Crit Club #4 not in GC

My results from yesterdays Crit Club events.php?zid=3671801 (placed 33rd in B) not showing up in my Zwiftpower profile profile.php?z=2900941 and also not showing up in Crit Club GC, league.php?id=1702
Looks like all other riders have results in profiles.
Whats wrong?

The GC table on ZwiftPower - Login hasn’t been updated for 20 hours at time of writing this reply, James Bailey might actually be taking some time away from work for a change, stop the press! :astonished: :rofl:


Ok, but my result doesnt show up in my ZwiftPower profile.

Now it shows. All good :wink:

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I’ve just updated them (along with the TT Club ones).

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Thank you for your service from (checks) 234th in Cat C. :rofl:

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