Zwiftpower results vs Companion app

Newby here, and apologies in advance if this has been covered (I couldn’t find it in previous posts).

I completed my first crit the other night and placed 14/37 on the Companion app and 11/21 for my category (D) at Zwiftpower. It was a Stage 2: Crit Club race, with category enforcement.

The Clubs instructions say that you can check your results at Zwiftpower. Does this mean that at least a third of riders are illegitimate? In which case why are they listed on the companion app?

Some of the riders will not be signed up for Zwiftpower, so no listing there for those riders.

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If you click on Filtered in the race results on ZwiftPower, you’ll also find that four riders were excluded from the results for not wearing a heart rate monitor, and one was excluded for not having a power meter.

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