Resistance issues after update

It feels like piling on, but I’m in the same boat. I run Zwift on an iPad and I noticed during my Zwift workout routines yesterday and today that Zwift seemed to have trouble changing power levels. I tried multiple spindowns in Zwift but all attempts failed. Having a KICKR, I tried a spindown using Wahoo’s app and the calibration was successful. I then tried more spindowns in Zwift but all failed. I wondered if this could be tied to the update with Fuego Flats and this thread confirms my suspicion.

For what it matters, I just submitted a message to the support center.

Kinetic R1 T-7000 has one :slight_smile:

Same issue.

Wahoo Kickr 1st Generation
BLE connection via IPad Pro 11”…most recent one.
Alternate connection directly to iPhone 7 attempted.
Same result on both. Kickr is not recognized by zwift as controllable.
It’s only read as if it was a power meter.

No issues prior to most recent update.


Yesterday Stage 4, there were delays (~20s) in resistance setting, then 7km to the end resistance was lost. Inpeak Powercrank PWR, Elite Nero CTRL, iPad.

I am having this issue with Cycelops M2, Apple TV, and bluetooth connection. Suddenly this week there are no resistance changes based on terrain. Very frustrating during a tour stage yesterday. No issues previously. What changed?

The latest update,
See this post. and multiple others. Zwift is working on a fix

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Almost exactly the same set up and issues with me. The KICKR will link as controllable but will not alter resistance in free ride (SIM mode) or Training (ERG Mode). Again all was good until a few days ago…

I have 2 cycleops hammers, one only a 2 weeks old. Both keep flashing blue with no resistance changes.
Very disappointing. Seems to have occurred after zwift update several days ago. Hope there is a fix soon.

Same here. H2 and Apple tv no control.

Glad to hear this is a known issue and there’s work being done it. QA of releases really needs some work from Zwift. Dynamic resistance is a core feature that needs to work. I usually have a lot of sympathy for startup style companies. In this case there’s a significant enough population of Zwift users these features should be released to controlled beta groups before causing wide sweeping problems for an expanding user base. I firmly believe some type of credit should be given for these types of issues.

Hoping for a fix soon.

it’s 4/25 and I’m still waiting for an update on my ipad. When you say mac platform what does this mean?

What’s wrong with these Zwift knuckleheads? I haven’t seen a single reply regarding the error on this resistance issue. Unreal.

At least now we know why they made the desert course . . . no one would realize the resistance was broken.


I’ve gained 5lbs since the resistance stopped working. Will Zwift reimburse me for a larger kit?


That actually happened to me, I had no idea there was a problem for the first 20km of my ride.

That said, running CycleOps H2/Apple TV. Apple TV says it’s up-to-date with a fix for this issue but still having the problem.

This has been driving me crazy. I’ve been trying everything…still no updates for IOS/iPad. Using a Magnus/iPad set up. Everything up to date and calibrated.

Same thing on my side. I can ride for 2.5km then my wheel start spinning on it’s own and then I loose connexion to rpm and control. If I try to join a event, it start to go wrong as soon as It starts.

Tacx Genius, IPhone XS, Apple Watch = issue
Tacx Genius, PC, IPhone XS companion, Apple Watch = issue
Tacx Genius, PC beta Bluetooth, companion, Apple Watch = issue

And in classic Zwift fashion, i get on my bike tonight to spin and resistance is working. I did nothing.
Apple TV and Magnus trainer.

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I am not sure if the AppleTV/iOS problem is fixed, but I downloaded the app for my MacBook, connected via the companion app on my iPhone (with Bluetooth) and it worked with no hiccups. So if you have the ability, maybe try it that way.

Update: From the other forums, it looks like the AppleTV update went live yesterday and the iOS update is awaiting Apple’s approval, seems like it’s all close now

Same issues here. I use the wahoo kickr snap and still no updates. it has been a week and a half…