Researching other riders

I can not figure out how to get statistics on other riders entering the race. The companion app only lists names. But I’d like to read their profile page I have tried for an hour on Zwift power and can not figure out the way to search them. Obviously I have too much time on my hands.

Easiest way to find a profile is to type in a users surname by searching for “Riders” search box available in the Events view. Make sure you are logged in.


For each event coming up on ZP the riders who have signed up are listed with their power numbers. You can click on any one and go to their ZP profile. In addition, at ZP on the events page if you click the Ranking box at the top left of the page ZP rates the strength of the competition. Rather than my explaining it to you here is the Zwiftinsder explanation.

Thanks a ton.

Mark S.