Reporting dodgy numbers

In a race on Tuesday someone put out put out 420 watts for 40 minutes. Not impossible, but this was a female who seems to otherwise potter round on an MTB at 12mph.
Given here rapid rise to A+ cat she seems to have developed a taste for racing. I did post a slightly sarcastic comment on Strava, but she took it as a compliment - obviously oblivious…

In a race today another female rider but out 4.3w/kg for an hour. OK, doable, but would be fairly elite, again not really backed up by reality. Again, I don’t think she is purposely cheating, just obviously thinks that is how good she is.

It’s not that I am picking on female riders - it’s just it stands out a little more when you see high watts.

That aside, is there anywhere to flag this so someone can just send them a friendly message saying your numbers don’t look quite right?
To be honest I’m surprised the first case wasn’t picked up in ZwiftPower - didn’t they use to flag super high wattage?

You can flag people using the Zwift Companion App.

Hi Paul,
could you please explain exactly what happens when one Zwifter flags another?

I don’t have that info, sorry.

He could also contact Zwift Support about the flier.

Will give this a go as it is only post race I look at the numbers.

There really should be a way of flagging this without having to contact support. Let this kind of thing go and it really damages the credibility of Zwift racing.
I.e. if every female rider who beats me has slightly suspicious power what does this mean for the 99% of Zwifters who are male?
I don’t expect to be winning anything, but having some confidence in other people’s numbers would be nice…

This is something which is active since the beginning. You can’t control which Powermeter/Smarttrainer people are using and therefore discrepancies like this will be case over and over again till the point zwift is coming up with a method that works. Till then i recommend using:

If you are interested what causing this phenomen read here:

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You could have reported it direct to ZwiftPower; either on the forum or their FB page. There is no need now as I’ve sorted it.


About 17 people in my Cat D race this morning should have been in Cat C.

Why does Zwift allow this?

You should be automatically prevented from registering in a lower Cat based on the history of your watts/kg !!


Unlike being a sanctimonious pr1ck…

Closing topic since it seems to be going a little off topic and into personal insults.

It also seems that the question has been answered.

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