Remove drafting when being lapped or drafting behind other categories

Just had a race and was severely frustrated when we got overlapped by the front riders and my fellow group riders suddenly all had a 30 seconds advantage.

Is it possible to please remove drafting once riders got overlapped. And also remove drafting when riders from another category are passing the bunch?

In real-world races being overlapped often means disqualification.

By “overlapped” do you mean what I’d call “lapped”? That is, overtaken by riders a lap ahead of you?

Assuming you do, I agree. In a real life crit for example, you wouldn’t be allowed to latch on to riders a lap ahead - and indeed you might be pulled out of the race. Makes sense that this would carry forward into Zwift (although not the being removed from the race part).

I think it’s different in a chase race though. If the B group catch C, and the C’s can grab a wheel that seems fair enough.

I didn’t know you could get such an advantage, for me (group D) when being lapped the riders are so much faster I can’t draft them anyway other then the couple of seconds it take them to overtake me. Maybe different when its C and above. Still not right so you get my vote.

Yes, your assumption is correct.

However, I also feel groups should be separated. Otherwise the strong riders in a lower cat will gain an unfair advantage over the less strong riders in their group.

That is a choice the race organizer has, he/she can choose to start all groups together, separate and if they should be visible to each other.

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Do they have the option to make the groups visible to each other, but disable drafting between groups? That is what I would love.

Basically these two things:

  1. Make it possible when groups are visible to each other to disable drafting between groups.
  2. Make it possible (or even standard) that lapped riders cannot draft behind the riders who have lapped them.

Happened again at last nights race. A group of other riders was lapping my group and suddenly my group was in pieces. Strong riders stayed with the lapping riders, medium riders kept together and the weaker riders fell behind. This game mechanic is heavily influencing the race flow.