Red/Green Circle round Profile Picture

Hi fellow Zwifters,

Might be my imagination but there is a little circle round the profile picture (between garage and logoff ) on the main screen. This looks like a “sliding scale) between green and red!

Can anyone explain what this is?


Shows how far along you are in your level. Similar to the in game level bar towards the top of your screen.

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Hi @Ron_Tait_RonT65, I’ll gladly explain what the circle around the profile picture on the home screen means!

As @Ian_Attoe mentioned, it’s a circular progress bar showing how far along you are to your next rider level. You can also see it while riding with the Rider Level. For more info, you may like to take a look at this article. Hoping to see you achieve the next level!

I thought it was an indicator of how long it was until Christmas.


:grinning: :smiley:GOOD ONE

Thank you Ian!

Thank you Gerald