Recumbent Trike with one front wheel

Can anyone tell me how I can setup a trike that is driven by the rear axle that has 2 wheels? My wife’s bike is a trike with one front wheel, but is rear driven. I am trying to find a setup to make it rideable indoors. Is there a trainer for this or something I can get to setup a trainer? Or am I going to have to create my own?

Hi @Toni_Yafanaro welcome to Zwift forums

I’d like to see what the back end of that trike looks like. Any chance you can link us to a website for that trike’s manufacturer? If it’s the type of trike I’m thinking of (two rear wheels with a differential on a solid rear axle), I’m not aware of any bicycle trainer that would work with it.

What might work are rollers for a wheelchair that are wide enough to accommodate both wheels. Maaaybe. While that would give you the physical movement, you’d still need to have a speed sensor on the wheel, or a power meter pedals for it to broadcast a signal that Zwift can use.

It is a Sun Seeker EZ- Tri Classic

Yeah, the bike trainers I’m aware of won’t work with that trike.

The workaround I can think of is a set of rollers for wheelchairs. Something like this one, minus their electronics.

That said,any bicycle speed sensor you mount to the trike won’t accurately estimate your power output on these rollers, which in turn determines how your avatar moves in-game. Because the rollers are not supported by Zwift, your in-game experience might be really bizarre, and I’d hate to have you lay out a bunch of money for a sub-par experience.

The Bike Friday Haul-a-Day cargo bike has places in the frame to add optional legs to lift the rear wheel off the ground. Prime purpose is to drive a generator, grain mill or as a exercise bike. So a couple of small car jack stands might work. Only challenge is having enough resistance as found on trainers to simulate the road feel. You might be able to hack a resistance unit from a classic on-wheel trainer to a rear wheel of the recumbent. A speed and cadence sensor combo should work since they mount on a wheel and the crank arm.

I have a delta trike (a trike with 1 front and 2 back wheels, driven from the rear) and use a SportCrafters Overdrive roller with Wahoo Speed & Cadence sensors attached to my bike. So far I’ve ridden ~200kms on this setup, and it works.

Mine’s a “budget setup” and doesn’t include a smart trainer, but gets me riding anyway :slight_smile: