Cycle Trainer For Verve 2

I have not used ZWIFT yet. It looks very cool.

I was setting up my Trek Verve 2 with an older basic indoor trainer that I borrowed from a friend. But discovered that it does not raise up my rear tire enough to clear the floor.

Can anyone recommend a basic trainer that would work with my Verve 2 hybrid comfort (wheel size 700c)? Not interested in a smart trainer as am trying to keep cost down. Would like to keep price below $250 US as I also need to buy a speed/cadence sensor.

Also, with the basic trainer, and a speed/cadence sensor, I do not anything else, besides the app, to connect to ZWIFT, correct?

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

Hi, I’m not sure why you can’t get your bike to fit if it has 700cc wheels. What trainer is it?

The brand is not listed on the trainer.

Can you take a photo to demonstrate the problem you have?

The rear wheel touches the floor and the screw at the back of the trainer will not raise the tire up any further.

Ok so that trainer isn’t really designed for that kind of bike/tyre. The most simple solution is to raise it up using books or blocks of wood. Do the front end to get it level

That’s if that tyre allows enough adjustment to get the resistance right.

You might get a road tyre to fit as it may have a shallower depth but be aware that as you sit on the bike the weight might press it down a little and your floor may end up with a groove on it.

To answer your other question yes if you fit a speed/cadence sensor along with something to run the app you’ll be good to go.

Have a look at this.

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. I may need to find another trainer that is made for more of a mountain bike.

Hi @Waldo_Buck

Just a note on a MTB tire, They are extremely noisy. You need to get a smooth tire.

If you can find a fluid trainer you will be very happy.
Look for a Kurt kinetic fluid. (Kinetic Fluid Resistance Bike Trainers Explained-Kinetic - Bike Trainers) It look like this one does not even need a speed sensor.

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Thank you for your suggestion.

So, with the [Kinetic — Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2 Fluid Power Bike Trainer - Bike Trainer, I do not need an additional speed or cadence sensor, this bike trainer is all I need to connect with ZWIFT? Do you believe that this will work out of the box with my Trek Verve 2?

Looking at this video I would say you won’t need a speed sensor: Kinetic Rock'n'Roll II Trainer with Updated inRide Sensor Module (ANT+/Bluetooth) - YouTube

I can not confirm that it will work with your current tire. I would suggest contacting Kinetic, they will probably suggest that you get a trainer tire.

Depending on where you live you might be able to find a smart wheel-on trainer (kicker snap, etc) used. I sold on older Snap for $250.

At the very least, get a smooth tire. Hardest, cheapest rubber you can find.

as long as it comes with the InRide sensor then you won’t need the speed sensor. I think if you buy it new it comes with, but make sure, otherwise that is a $50 add on.

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Hi Gerrie.

Thank you so much for your suggestion! I received my Kinetic Road Machine | Smart 2 Bike Trainer from Kurt Kinetic yesterday. It cost $224 (on sale) which included fast 4 day FedEx shipping. And it is exactly what I needed as a newbie to indoor trainer cycling and to Zwift.

I was able to mount my Trek Verve 2 very easily (wheel has plenty of ground clearance now) and connect it to Zwift using an old 2012 MacBook Pro for the Power and Cadence (going to get a lightning to HDMI cable adapter to try and connect a 2017 iPad to see if this will be a better setup as MacBook takes a long time to connect to Zwift).

I was also able to connect my Apple Watch 4 using the Zwift Companion app so now my Heart Rate displays in the game on the dashboard. I connected the MacBook to our 55" TV using an HDMI adapter cable.

This fluid trainer is perfect for me and love how I can shift to increase or decrease resistance. Looking forward to getting into shape during the winter until it warms up and I can ride outside.

Thanks again to everyone who posted and responded. I really appreciate it.


I am happy to see that you are Zwifting now. I think that is one of the best Starter trainers out there.

Now you need a fan or two or three. LOL

If that tire is noisy you can fit a slick tire or Trainer tire they are a lot quieter.

Happy Zwifting.

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Also need a mat under you…you know…in case you sweat! :sweat:

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I was more concerned with denting the wood floor. :laughing: But yes, a mat would be a good investment!