Recovery times

Does anyone have a good Strategy for the day/days off to recover sore legs. GCN recommended rego protein shake which I’m using but to be honest doesn’t seem to do much good. Legs still sore. It’s probably an age thing as well. But it would be good to hear from you guys and maybe give your Routine ago. Waiting in Anticipation

Besides stretching and foam rolling, I’m still figuring out a routine. Hyper ice products help a lot, but I’m interested to hear what other have to say as well…

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Hi Enzo.
Good to hear from you, thanks for the share, it does seem that it can be a big frustration as only time makes it better and then you really miss riding.

I’ve found foam rolling/stretching shortly after finishing a harder workout helps the legs feel better the next day.

If your legs are just normal sore after a harder session you can always get on and spin in the active recovery zone and/or endurance zones. That shouldn’t put much stress on your legs but still let you get some mileage instead of taking a day off.

And I am by no means a coach so my advice is what I’ve found works for me and YMMV. But I’ve also found working out on slightly sore/tired legs also pushes me and I notice some gains. But it’s a fine balance between pushing yourself just enough and too much where you might risk injury.

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Yeah, you have to be careful with that. Don’t want to dig a deeper hole for yourself

Hi D.
It seems that rolling and stretching may be the way to go so far.
but I read that you must take days off to rest so your muscles can repair themselves, as there’s a good chance of becoming stale and your wattage suffers. Do you take on extra protein or just a good balanced diet. I do jump on intending to spin, but find that I push on.

Try walking, a half hour or so might be a good place to start.

I personally just try and eat a balanced diet and maybe take a little extra protein for on days I push harder. I do use SIS Rego for a quick shake after a hard ride/race/workout to get some quick protein in.

I get it’s hard not to push yourself, what I’ve done (since I’m guilty of not easy riding when I should) is create a custom workout for the active recovery zone so the trainer’s Erg function keeps me from pushing too much. And let’s me do an easy spin to flush the legs of any built-up lactic acid from the prior day without adding extra stress/TSS to my training load.

Nice work. That make a lot of sense. I’ve not thought about the ERG mode on spin days. That may safe me from myself. :innocent:

Hey Charlie.
This time of year I’m on my legs all day long. They don’t get much rest.

Recovery time? What is it? :crazy_face:

It also depends on how old you are.
I’m 56.
I try to take 3 rest days a week, MWF.
That’s a lot but it’s really because of work but it seems to work ok.
I just make sure I’m getting 2 HIIT sessions per week then 2 longer recovery rides.

Hi,I spend as much time stretching and recovering as I do riding but I’m recovering from serious pelvic fractures.This works for me:Quad,Glute,ITB stretches before the ride.Cool down spin for a minimum of 10 minutes after a session then stretch the same muscle groups again.Then protein shake.I use Rego as well because it also contains electrolytes.I have two complete rest days most weeks but if I’m doing big km’s I do a medium cadence (90-92),100m gradient ride on those rest days just to turn the legs over.
You’ll find a system that works for you.Just remember not to over-stretch to the point of pain.

Thanks for all the reply’s. it seems you all have a good stretch to help reduce sore legs. I am also recovering from injuries and desperate to get back to my fitness as I was 5 years ago. So I push hard as I can but the recovery takes too long :rage:. My legs are getting stronger and was hoping for a magic recovery routine. Missing a day or two sucks.

I hear that, rest is probably your best bet in that case! I also use a wooden rolling pin to roll out my legs after a hard ride; I don’t know if it really helps but it feels good… I press hard enough that it hurts. I found that easier to do than trying to use a foam roller.

Thanks Charlie.
I’ll nick the wifeys rolling pin and give it a go for couple of weeks to see if it helps. Not to many pastries are made nowadays, so she won’t miss it. :joy: