Recording of run time


This seems to be common across the platform but nothing seems to be done to rectify or listen?

Running times are not recorded for the event done. If you run a 5k or 10k say then it doesn’t record your time at the 5k or 10k point, it records them when you press save, which is after you’ve warmed down etc. what’s the point of that? i don’t want to know my 10.12k time, or 5.08k that’s not my goal, it was the 10k time, the time i would press stop on my watch in the real world. Whilst its still great to have a total time there isn’t a way (i can see) of monitoring ‘event’ times for progress etc

To find the time (yes it flashes up at the finish but then disappears into non-recorded data) you have to add your sectors, really!

Please rectify, the data is there.