Event time only?

Started doing some events and the time is displayed on screen when crossing the line at the end but it’s adding on what’s done after that point as well. Is there no way to just save the event time/distance only? Isn’t that the point of the event? If you keep going after crossing the line which is inevitable to some extent that should be recorded as a new run or not at all. At least have the option. Or is there? In every event I’ve done the upload on Strava has me walking at the end. It’s not practical to end the run the moment the line is crossed. Cropping on Strava is very basic so it’s mostly just guesswork. I realise it’s not really a race but it seems kind of a basic premise to be able to get only the actual event time. If you did a parkrun you wouldn’t expect the time getting your breath back after crossing the line to be added on? Also if you click ‘lets go’ when it flashes up instead of just staying none of the pictures are saved. Am I expecting too much? :smile:

You should find this on the Zwiftpower site. Either see your profile page there, or go to Zwift Power -Login, select running, and find your event there… that will show your event time only…

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Thanks I hadn’t heard of this site. I’ll check out :+1: