Real riding time different from screen time

(I.M.) #1

When racing and doing workouts, my measured time (when going over finish line or completing a timed workout) is different from what is recorded in my activities. What is going on? Finished Innsbruck inunder an hour and showing up as 1hr9. Did 57 minute group ride, recorded as over an hour.
What on earth is going on? Discouraging…

(David) #2

Interesting. I have noticed that my timings for TDZ stages have included the 5-10 minutes I normally spend just spinning at the start getting warmed up (i.e. it is recording the total time I am actively in the software even though the stage hasn’t started yet).

When uploaded to Strava, that time is then not included in the “moving time” which accurately reflects the time I spend actually riding the stage. Sounds like that might be what it happening here.