Rapha 500 tips!


I’ve been using Zwift with wahoo kickr v5 since last August! and for some reason my speed average on Zwift is 20/kph (not like outdoor speed average) i’ve read some article about how Zwift speed is work and its based on weight , city up hills etc , i’m joining Rapha 500 challenge and i’m aiming todo 60K per days for 8 days and some days i’ll do 70K to complete the 500K,

if i changed my weight on Zwift will i be faster?

what is the most flat city?

any tips ?

Thanks in advance

Join group rides and robo pacer rides on flat routes, while injecting painkillers into your saddle region. :wink:

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20km/h (on flat ?) is a little bit less… Did you calibrate your kickr? Changing your weight isn’t a nice solution.

Your Kickr v5 is supposed to auto-calibrate, but if you are certain the power measurement is off, there is a factory spindown process for it. You might also consider talking to Wahoo’s support about the problem. If you have access to another power meter it would help to compare results.

My tips for doing long rides and trying to maximize in-game distance:

  • Change shorts after 2 hours
  • Some kind of entertainment such as watching a long bike race or full live concert footage
  • Periodic nutrition breaks where you get off the bike for a few minutes
  • Ride with a pace partner group on a flat route until it gets dull, then switch to a different one or free ride something else
  • Use a road bike with the pace partner or on well-populated routes like Tempus Fugit, switch to a TT bike if there’s nobody around to draft
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Yes only once! and i think i have to calibrate every 2 weeks correct ?

Thank you Paul!

No with auto calibration you never calibrate at all… Every 2 weeks was for way older trainers, forget this…

For flat routes:

  • Basically all of France (sin Ventoux)
  • The desert (routes like Tempus Fugit, Tick Tock, Watopia’s Waistband)
  • Volcano Circuit
  • Ocean Boulevard
    (Basically all the roads covered by Triple Flat Loops)
  • Paris
  • London excluding Box and Leith hills in the southeast corner
  • Richmond, save the 3 short hills in the south
  • Makuri Islands. (Mostly) everything there is flat except for the Temple KOM, Rooftop KOM, and Urukazi connectors.
    Aside from Tempus Fugit (there is literally one bump on the circuit), you will probably get the best variety of scenery by mixing it up. Watopia has the most options.
    Though if you want as flat as physically possible on all of Zwift, I discovered that the outer circuit around the Village Onsen in Yumezi has 0 or almost 0 feet elevation per mile :exploding_head:. I don’t think you can find a circuit flatter than that. However, you are going around lots of corners in a <1mi circut, so you might literally die after ~15-20 laps. :grinning:
    You have to navigate that one manually, since there’s no route for it.

I think you forgot about the Petit KOM.

Well, other than that. :grinning: I guess I meant the RGV area.

Spend lots of quality time with a pace partner group that’s high zone 2 / low zone 3 (blue/green in Zwift’s colour code)

I’m not doing Rapha again - I did it once, but I’d rather spend Z2 time on my fatbike than the trainer, and the trails I ride I almost can’t stop to eat or sleep to hit that distance.

Thanks everyone! is my setting correct for KICKR?

You aren’t using an MTB, are you? In Zwift your bike matters, and the MTB is far slower on paved roads than the road bikes.

Likewise, the TT bikes, you won’t benefit from draft (the Rapha challenge time period, the Pace Partners will be very busy, and the groups going very quickly for the power - unless PD 4 is rolled out by then)

It wont be


Yep, that looks like correct wheel circumference for about 700x25c - 28c tires. Can you post a link to one of your Zwift rides where you think you’re going slower than you should be? Do you use a power meter when you ride outdoors? If you do, do the numbers seem to match the numbers you see from your Kickr?

Definitely try to get those trainer issues sorted out first… doing the whole Festive 500 at 20 kmh would be dreadful lol.

is it reallyshowing 20 MPH ?
Could be your expecting it to be in KPH, but it’s not set to metric ?
Worth a double check, also do you get 30XP or 20XP ?

edit: also looks like ERG is set to ON, I’m sure it should be OFF for normal riding.