Random Kudos on Strava for my Zwift workouts

Pretty much every workout that I upload from Zwift to strava I will get a handful of random kudos from people I don’t know. I was just wondering where they were finding my workouts. Will it just be the case of people on flybys seeing my ride and giving kudos or is something else at play?


I’m not too bothered but was just wondering!

I think it’s probably because they saw they rode with you according to Strava, and they give you a kudo.  Also if you are a member of any clubs on strava they may be giving you a kudo from there.

Hi Douglas,

When you open the Strava app and select your ride, you see that you have ridden with a lot of people. Open the list of all the riders, shake your phone and a menu will pop up. Using this feature I give all riders a kudo. So this is how you end up with a lot of kudos. Haha.

I have tested this feature on iOS. Not sure about the other platforms.



Not seeing that on Android.

The “Kudo Everyone” feature, as well as the “shake to give everyone kudos” is an iOS only feature, not available on Android devices.