Race simulation training \ Course sync

I like the new race training plan with the course walkthrough and expected efforts, adds a little something to a training session, but there needs to be a way to sync the training session to the course.

The easiest way would be to do the warm up in the paddocks and then get released as you would in a race? so the on screen instruction and power changes is relevant to the course?

Having completed Watopia flat last night, I found I was half a lap out of sync as the warm up takes you 7 mins around the course before you get the start instruction.

So when I go to do my next one, il have to reverse the course for 3 or 4mins, then turn around and hope Im about hitting the start line so everything syncs up. I get it wont be perfect as people ride at different speed & w/kg but all you need is to be close, not perfectly aligned.

Is there any plans to fix this?

Just seems like an opportunity missed by HQ.

Finding the exact same issue as you @Lee_H and there was another post by @Keir_Wilkinson4776

I’ve moved my thread to feedback - it’s a great idea but needs fine tuning.