Race like a champ

In the race like a champ series, aren’t we divided into categories A, B, C, D etc?
If you look at the result 95% of 20min, a lot of people have results that are too high than what is allowed in the category. Many are also category b riders who ride in C, doesn’t that spoil the idea of the categories?
// Jocke

Race like a Champ uses CE category system. The 95% etc bit you mention is the original cat system and it uses all rides and all data from 2-50mins, not just the 20min.

Theoretically its a fairer system as you cant sandbag. It does seem to fix that problem but theirs always a couple of use cases (super light riders for eg) that it doesn’t quite work for.


Worth mentioning that average power also has to be over to count for B (in case they are light).

But like Dean says, it’s based on their previous data. If they exceeded the boundaries for their category, they won’t be able to enter that category again.

Afraid I can’t sanity check over 30k riders each month :slight_smile:

I initially misread the subject line as Race Like A Chump.

I got excited for a moment because I thought that I’d found a competition to perfectly suit my abilities.

My search continues …


I completed the first race (2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit). However, it has not been registered by Zwift. Race like a champ badge stayed on 0% complete and is now on 20% complete after two races.

My results are in Zwiftpower.

How can I solve this issue?

Did you do it on the Monday?

If so it’s an issue we’re aware of and working to fix. Sorry for the delay.

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Yes, on monday Oct 3rd. Today’s race (Knickerbocker) was also on a monday, but was registered OK.

I did Stage 1 on 10/5 and that is not showing up in the overall either. The same for stage 2, but that was just a few hours ago.

Also, in game it showed 3/5 completed but that isn’t possible since we are only on stage 2.

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Stage 2 showed up in the results, but stage 1 from 10/5 is still missing, and the results show 1 race completed.

Any news on the issue?

Is there an own badge under achievements?