Question about the absa cape epic plans

Hi all- A quick question about how to use the Absa cape epic training plans…

I’m trying to train for a mountain bike race in 2 months and am considering using the cape epic workouts. As a new zwift user, I am loving the races, but i find that my performance can be erratic.

For the epic absa workouts, am i supposed to do them 2x/ week, in sequence, or supplemented with other longer base rides or workouts?

Any opinion would be helpful…thx!

Hi, If you train four time a week, you can do Absa 3 or 4 times a week if you want. Remember to eat carbs and protein also good quality fat (olive oil, nuts) dont be hungry during a day, and sleep well.

Also you can train two times Absa workouts and two or one time free ride. Depended of your time for wourkouts.

If you would do 4times/week absa you would not be overtrained if you recover well. It is all about 1hour per workout.

Last week before mtb race I would ride easy on 50-70% of ftp to recover your muscles. There are available some workouts prepearing to start in race.

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