Question about pausing free ride on ATV 4k (average watts and HR)

I use an ATV 4k as my Zwift machine. When doing a free ride, if I pause the ride (using the ATV remote to get to the pause screen), for example for a bio-break, the ride time seems to correctly pause, but my power and HR keep being recorded i.e. my average power will fall because my wattage is zero when I’m not pushing the pedals, and my average HR will fall because my HR will go down when I’m not riding. When I resume riding, depending on the length of the pause, my average power has fallen several watts, and I have to ride harder to bring the average back up to what it was before the pause. This drop in wattage and HR is not just during the time it takes for my avatar to come to a stop after I hit pause and stop pedalling, but the entire time I’m in the pause mode. It has worked like this the entire time I’ve been Zwifting using ATV (3+ years).

Shouldn’t power and HR recording pause when the ride is paused, and then resume when the pause is stopped? This is certainly what happens on a real bike computer.
It also seems from I’ve seen on Zwift being run on other platforms that the power and HR recording pause when a ride is paused.

Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

Hi @Salmon_Chaser, to my knowledge there is no pause function on Zwift. I use a Windows PC and there is no pause button like an Apple TV remote may have. I wonder if choosing to exit the ride, but then backing out would do the same thing or if it would stop the clock so to speak?

I agree, this should be an option just like on my Wahoo Bolt, when I stop at a stop light or something outside the ride pauses.

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Do you mean you’re switching from Zwift to the Apple TV home screen?

There is no “pause screen”, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to. I think you’re misunderstanding what is happening, as Mike has also alluded to.

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Using Apple TV, there is a PAUSE option included in the bottom menu on the far left next to U turn icon. He is correct, it pauses the rider, but not the stats. As fast as the Apple TV goes to sleep without activity, maybe they use it to keep the app open? :slight_smile: I swear if I pause a show with Prime or Netflix it goes to sleep in less than 5 minutes! Just been too lazy to look for the setting to fix that.

Yes, Troy and Rick are right. Same thing on ATV and iPad, with same ‘no time pause’ effect as described in the OP.

Wow. I apologise for the incorrect answer. I use Apple TV but have never even noticed that pause button (I never the the on-screen menu), let alone trying pressing it. Something new that I’ve learned now, thanks.

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The reason that you’re seeing this is because the “Pause” menu doesn’t work like a traditional Pause. When you’re on that menu all of your metrics are still recorded and you can still continue to ride. This allows you do things like check your garage and change your avatars appearance (frame and wheels cannot be changed while moving), check the status of your current Challenge, look through your workouts folder, adjust your settings, or check on your Achievements without disrupting your current ride.

What you’re seeing with your ride time pausing is actually a result of how Zwift keeps track of ride time, and not from you opening the “Pause” menu. The ride time in Zwift is just the amount of time that your avatar was moving on the road so when you get off the bike to take care of other stuff your ride time automatically pauses itself as soon as your avatar coasts to a stop.

At this time, the closest thing available to a traditional pause is to open your Pairing menu. While on the pairing menu your avatar will not move and the data from your sensors won’t be recorded on your fit file.

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