Question about category limit

Just finished Race: STAGE 1: RACE LIKE A CHAMP - Yorkshire (C) on 2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit in Yorkshire

This was only the second race ever for the guy who got first. He was “almost B” before this race but his 95% of 20 minutes for this one was 3.4. Will he get a WKG? He also upgraded to B as a result.

But he only weighs 63 kg—forgive me, I couldn’t remember where the line is for the weight exception. Thanks in advance!


CE based races pre-qualify riders based on previous performances (any rides) - in this case, his previous rides/workouts and race would have been lower enough to be a legit Cat C racer (in CE events). Note that the avg of ZP top 3 95% results over 90 is ZP Cat method, not CE (read the first post in this thread if you want to know more about CE)

New riders that haven’t pushed themselves, or riders that haven’t pushed themselves for 60 days at least, are always going to be capable of sandbagging. In this case, he is new. He is also now a ZP Cat B and I would be stunned if is not also now a CE Cat B (as a few others in that race should be).

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Probably not, because The races with CE don’t do post race upgrades and DQ’s. But he will most likely not be able to enter C category again.

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Thanks for the quick replies!

He took off WAY early in the middle of the Forward Climb. I was thinking there’s no way he can stay ahead of us solo the rest of the way…or somehow he’s not in the right category. Got my answer, lol.

they need to add back in the 0.2 Rule , you know if your over .2 Cat limit. @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ

You like that rule Mr Salts .

The idea is that CE will categorize in the correct groups and one can go over once .


It’s up to the organizers how they want to use the ZP Rules…i turned ON Zwiftpower category overrides Wkg + Riders exceeding Wkg will be upgraded, because CE is not doing it’s job filtering out higher cat riders droping CP with high 3min power.