Quality of Life Improvements - We ALL need

First i have to say, im pretty fun about Zwift, i love it, and all the updates with new items, routes etc. however…

Why do Zwift not listen to us? We pay huge amount of money for the service, but it seams the focus is all on adding content of value for them, and not listening to the subscriebers.

Maybe im a little harsh here, but we need to be heard, there are so many QOL improvements they can implement, that will not cost a lot of time for them - so why not do it and make all happy?

  1. Add an anual payment method, so we can chose.
    This one has to be a win-win for all, both for the company and the users. Atm we only have the option of monthly fee, and many is canceling or pausing there sub when the sun is out for 5-8 months (depends on there living location).
    If they add an option for anual payment lets say 30-40% off for like 100 eur/usd a year and still monthly for the 13 eur/usd. i believe many will go for the anual, because they dont have to waste time and concider how much they will be indoor or outside this season. pay and you can write whenever you want whereever you want.

  2. The dropshop (selling bikes and wheels).
    An option for selling the bikes and wheels you dont use and need anymore for like 50% return of the drops you gave for the item. It makes sence because over time you have so many frames and wheels you never use anymore, and its confusing scrolling down the LONG list of frames to find the one you want. Or add “favorit” option, so you have the once set to favorit in top of the list all ways.

  3. The map layout in buttom of the screen.
    This is possible the most often topic i see. Why not make an option to make the map / course you chose visibil as diagram in the bottom or top like the pulse/watt output. All other softwares has is, why the ■■■■ dosnt zwift?

  4. Power ups XP logo/icon.
    I see my xp logo hit the BIG XP bonus so often, but only provides 10xp and not the 250 xp. when recording and showing the clip frame by frame, i see it hit the small xp icon 1 frame out of 25 before adding the xp. so impossible to see for human eyes. If you land the xp icon, let it apear 3 seconds before its fading out, or even make it clickable like all the other icons to add the power/xp.

  5. Like button.
    Many riders dont know you can actually press the GPS icon on the map using the companion app on mobile while riding, and give up to 5 likes at the time to near-by-swifters. Make the like button at the bottom of the menu/screen the same, when pressing it, it throughs out likes to all near-by zwifters in the zone. Likes are awesome and needed if you want to earn drops to buy new bikes etc. recieving a like gives double drops for 15 seconds.

  6. Dont make it possible to set FTP manual.
    Let the software calculate the FTP and adjust it as we go. Right now many cheat setting the FTP very low, speciel after you removed the option for cheaters to adjust there weight after starting the race (thanks for that btw.) however new cheats are allready been discovered.

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I think the real tightwads would prefer $15 a month and pausing when the weather is nice instead of being forced to pay $13*12 for the year

That being said zwift is a bargain


Keyword “option”

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I must say a year gift card will be nice. It will make birthday shopping so much easier.


Pre pandemic there were 3-month vouchers available to buy that saved a bit over monthly subs, may well have been 12-month vouchers too.

Completely disagree. Not least because people don’t and shouldn’t have to use Zwift for their FTP tests.


completely disagree with this one. I make custom workouts based on watts, if my FTP changes it changes all the segments of my workouts and i might want the absolute watts values to remain as they were.


FTP is something that move up and down during the year.

The FTP value is not used in Zwift Power to determine your category and also not in the Auto category calculation.


These would not be the top 6 QoL fixes I would choose (don’t think I understand #4, and #6 is not something I would want them to do at all), I don’t bother much with the drop shop since I mostly use the Tron, have one TT bike, and one climber… They could improve ride-ons, but that wouldn’t be my top priority.

That said… improving gradient visibility is way up there for me, and I’d like a yearly subscription option too, but I don’t really think of that as a QoL improvement with the game.


I got a 12-month sub when I bought my original CycleOps (now saris) Hammer. They absolutely had them. I think some shops (mainly) UK based had them on sale for cheaper than zwift would like and they killed the program shortly after I found that. I’m the US companies are allowed to fix the price of products, in many countries price fixing is illegal so business can set the prices lower if they wish. Read about Shimano banning UK companies from shipping product to the US and Canada.


I asked about 12 month subscriptions before and there was an issue with the code generation in that people could make up their own codes or reuse old ones or something so instead of fixing it they just stopped doing them.

The incompetence is amazing. So instead of improving their checkout code system, they just axed gift cards? Absolutely absurd. I still have a handful of 3-month cards to be used. I’m waiting for the next price increase before I’ll use them but the last one I used, I had to post on here and Facebook to get the double charges removed as the auto-payment system didn’t pause the normal charge, even though the website stated I had a 3-month activation. There are some very serious flaws with the programing within Zwift that extend beyond that game, clearly. But here’s a squirrel instead.


I like the idea of the automatic FTP update.
I see the other replies are all against it but I don’t understand why.

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Zwift already does automatic FTP updates, the request (#6) as I read it is to disable the ability to set it manually - with the implication that it would for some reason reduce cheating, but I don’t see how that would reduce cheating in any way.

Regardless… The reason I personally don’t want that feature is because I know the FTP given to me by the ramp test is too high, so I need to manually lower it a few percentage points for my workouts to be the correct zones for me. Others mentioned the fact that they do their FTP testing outside of the game and want to set it manually in game… There are a few reasons not to do it, but I don’t see any advantage to disabling the ability to set FTP manually at all since it’s mainly used to set your training zones.

Currently, all the FTP setting does is alter your training zones (sometimes it’s nice to use certain ERG workouts but make them less taxing by reducing FTP, perhaps even joining an online group workout but making it say z2 for you) and alters when you see the different training zone colours on the rolling 10min graph at the screen base when racing.

It has absolutely nothing to do with racing categories, that comes from your Zwift power data (just races for old system, everything for new category enforcement system) and your declared weight.

This is not entirely correct. The FTP setting also determines the wattage at which your avatar will go into the ‘sprinting’ position (out of saddle and in the drops). Still nothing to with race performance or categories, of course, but perhaps important if you don’t want your avatar ‘sprinting’ at 30 watts.

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Ha, it would be funny if my avatar was always sprinting… Might need to try that someday, go on a long recovery group ride and see if anyone notices.

What if I told you people don’t have to do ftp tests any more?

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I don’t know, what if you did? I don’t think it would change my answer. :smiley: