Purpose of hare hound-type races?

I’ve seen many of these types of races where the “A” riders begin 12 minutes after the “D” racers begin.

What’s the purpose of these races? As a “D” rider, I already know I’m slow, so what good will it do that a guy that started 12 minutes later also beats me? Are these races like an ego trip for faster riders? I’m almost positive that real “A” riders usually win these races.

Win or lose, I don’ see the benefit for a someone in “D”: if I win then it was because I started 12 minutes before “A” riders. If I lose then I’m even slower than I thought.

Strangely enough this is won by the C group mot of the time.

so the point of this type of race is to race as a group, all D riders work together to stay away from the group behind.

It is a lot of fun if it work.

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Hi Man,
I have done some and find them a fun event.
I think the idea is you try to work as a group team to either catch those ahead of hold off those behind.
The point is you must work as a team. Sharing the load as best as each of you can. When/if the group behind catches up get ready to hop on to their group and catch others.
I must say that I am not on Zwift to win anything though.

and if done properly, all racers should get to the sprint finish at the same time so all cats have a chance to win.


I agree - they are great fun.

They are encouragement to improve also. I find that you work harder as a group to chase the group ahead, while also trying to remain in front of the chasing cat behind. And then there is the possibility of jumping on to the group that catches up (a least for a while).

Try one and see what you think.