Promotion / Referral Contest

(Tim Flatland - e2r) #1

Monthly (or quarterly) contest.  User with the most referral signups gets the holy grail within Zwift… a custom kit (maybe even bike, helmet, etc if you really want to go big).

referral programs are a delicate beast.  No need to impact margins… gamify a referral program to an already competitive group seems like a no brainer in Zwift context.  This is a pretty awesome reward IMO.

For a good reference go checkout hotjar’s referral program.  The UI is slick, and is a realtime scoreboard.  With the talent you have… maybe 2 days worth of coding.  1 month beta test as the trial… off you go.

Referral On!



(... david (aka "setuid")) #2

I vote that if we’re going to suggest a ‘Holy Grail’ jersey, we keep it as close to religion-neutral as possible. My vote is for a ‘Killer Rabbit’ jersey, just like in Monty Python’s Holy Grail!

(Tim Flatland - e2r) #3

ha! the literal interpretation of my prize… although I do appreciate the Monty P.  Maybe the back says “what is your favorite color”.

I meant full custom kit… meaning winner works with the zwift designer doing kits.