Promotion code

My friend has a email that has a free month for me and when i subscribe a free month for him but the email doesn’t give me a code takes me to the zwift app any help

Your friend is probably fibbing.

could be true, from companion now you do get a free month when you refer somebody. Not sure if they also get a free month though

Huh, really? I must have missed that. Lovely.

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yep spotted in a month or two ago under more in companion. Can’t say i saw any announcement about it either or tried it. Could get a lot of free zwifting with all those people that don’t ride over summer. I wonder how many referrals you can get :smiley:

Uk only (referring) and not Zwifted before (being referred) ? Edit - max 5 months free.


Neat. Though no surprise it doesn’t actually work. :rofl: