Promo Codes

How long do Promo codes last before you want to use them.

Since you’re not getting an answer, I suggest contacting support. Prepare to battle the chat bot until it surrenders and lets you open a support case. Don’t let the chat bot win.

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If you mean a promo code similar to what might be included in a trainer with purchase (for a free month or whatever), I think they are non-expiring. I recently activated one that came with my Saris motion platform, and I purchased that about 1 year ago. I wasn’t a Zwift user at the time, so I did not redeem it. Since there is no control over how long an item may be sitting in a warehouse or retail store before sold, I would expect this behavior.

That said, with the recent demise of RGT, Wahoo SYSTM X subscribers were offered free Zwift via promo-codes. Depending on your existing Wahoo subscription, this was for 1, 3 or 12-months. Wahoo indicated that these codes were expiring, and had to be redeemed by October 31, 2023. I didn’t test that, and went ahead and redeemed!