Programming ERG on/off

I’m sorry if this request has been proposed earlier but i’ve searched for this and didn’t find anything that’s similar.

I’m talking about the possibility to program enable/disable ERG function in a workout. When is this a nice feature, you might think? Well, when i’m doing a workout with some short intervals, like sprints or short anaerobic burst and recovery inbetween (or a combination of these kind of intervals with other ones)

I’ve the problem that when doing sprints or 30-40sec intervals in workout mode, i lose like 5-7sec in each interval when ERG is trying to establish proper resistance. So wath i do now, is after getting warmed up, i disable ERG for the sprints and enable it back again after i’ve done my set for the cooling down (or for the rest of the workout)

It would be nice to program the function of ERG meanwhile you’re creating a workout. Let,s say that you do warming up with ERG on, do sprints with ERG off, then re-enable ERG on for the recovery between sprints and so on. Just like you do with the cadence function in programming. I don’t know how difficult or easy this could be but it can be done manually so i suppose it could be done automatically (or programmed)

Are there more who see the benefits of this? I think it’s a nice extra for workout mode.

The non-ERG sections can be done as Freeride sections. It isn’t much use to me normally though as my coach sets workouts in TrainingPeaks and they don’t map like that.