Program Resistance of Free-Ride Block in Custom Workout

(Michael Henasey) #1

I would like the ability to program in the resistance level of a free-ride block in a custom workout. I envision being able to drop-in resistance level changes just like dropping-in text events.

I would use this for workouts where I need to perform intervals of jumps, sprints, maximal efforts. A free-ride block works best for these efforts instead of using ERG mode and a specific wattage. 

This request is merely a convenience since I know you can already change the resistance of a free-ride block using either ZML or the keyboard +/- keys. Adding this feature would free me from having to adjust resistance manually at set times.

(Edern Talhouët) #2


Programming resistance change is the main thing I currently miss in Zwift. Very good idea…

Zwift staff, is it scheduled to be implemented in a futur update?