resistance control in free ride mode (like ERG in workout mode)

Hi! I’m using my mtb bike with 1x10 speed drivetrain (36x11-42) on Elite Rampa. During workout in ERG mode i can ride watewer power i want using zwift mobile link and changing resistance on the second page of the app fluently and I never reached maximum power yet. But when i ride in free mode or during racing i am out of speed variations on my bike so can’t compete, just maximum power not more than 200 watts whilst spining 90-100 rpm on flat surface. 
Is it possible to add dynamic resistance control like in ERG mode to free ride and racing so i can use my 1x10 drivetrain? 

I have a rampa. It’s hard to know what’s going on with the resistance when using Zwift or sufferfest. I had similar issues with sufferfest. The ramp seemed more ‘variable’ when using it for cadence sensing as well, I was getting >200rpm, and I think this was confusing it…

Now I use a separate cadence sensor (or don’t use one at all) when pairing at the start. I also warm up for 5 minutes using the elite app, and run initially in gear 1, and make the ramp lower resistance, then I gradually change gears, and resistance. This reassures me that it’s all working ok. Then switch to Zwift, start in gear 1 so the initial resistance is low, and work up from there.

I think it is something to do with ‘resistance floor’ and ‘ceiling’, and where the ramp thinks you are gear wise. If you start in a high gear, at low watts, it sets resistance based on that, which doesn’t give the full ‘resistance’ range?

I’m still not sure how the rampa works with the apps such as sufferefst and Zwift. My suggestion is to try the elite app, and check it’s all ok there, then at least you know the rampa/wheel tension is ok.

One other thought - which I haven’t tried. What about setting the resistance level in elite app, say to resistance level 3, then change to Zwift?

Could this ‘keep’ the higher level of resistance?

This might only work via ANT which is able to broadcast to more than one device, rather than BT, which can only be connected to one? although I get very confused between Platforms/ANT/BT/Trainer differences…

Getting a decent range of resistance for all weights/speeds/single chainring riders seems to be at boundary of where we are at with ‘budget’ FE-C trainers just now?

We changed the resistance for the Rampa in the last update, so give it a ride, and let us know how it feels. :slight_smile: