Problems with minimum system

I’m running pretty much a minimum system and have noticed some issues that ‘may’ be related to that system.

This is more of a suggestion. I would reccomend not running the 3D engine in the background during signup and startup. It bogs the keyboard down so much that I didn’t think the system would be playable on my laptop. However, once on the island, it’s quite playable if very jumpy.

When passing someone who is standing still or when taking a corner too fast on my system, my rider will start jumping from side to side of the road facing left then facing right. This can go on for several minutes unless I slow down or stop pedaling for a while. When my rider starts doing this, it also seems like he slows down even if I’m heading down a hill and that I have to pedal a lot harder to maintain speed.

It is true the experience isn’t all that stellar on extremely low end machines (for comparisons sake, your graphics card is about 1/3rd as fast as our minimum spec requires) - but I do think this is pretty valid feedback and both seem reasonable for us to address at some point. I’ll add this stuff to our list.