Problem with trainer Elite qubo digital smart+

Does Anyone encountered already problems with trainer Elite qubo digital smart+ my watts are way to high and trainer does not react anymore to inclination(uphill) i m in contact with Elite and should open device and sent Them a video.
Anyone experience with this? Or zwift do you have a solution? Thanks


My old Elite did something very similar, noticed I was suddenly climbing at 5w/kg no problem. I found the mechanism inside the trainer was not moving the magnet to increase resistance. Sorry to say I did not find a solution and ended up replacing my trainer. I hope it is not the same issue for you.

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Elite support are very good, and should be able to help you out. Although of course their response will be slowed by the holidays.

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Thanks for your help! I m in contact with Them i m gonna try to reinstall trainer via myetraining app and do a level power test if this does not work i need to open the device And sent Them a video thx for the assist

Yves Leemans

In my case after reinstalling via myetraining and recalibration …still same issues…power way to high and trainer does not adapt to inclination…
Elite support asked me to open the device And make a video power off and on… waiting for their answer hope to get a positive outcome on this