Problem with speed on Zwift

There was a glitch in Zwift today. We started riding and pretty soon we were at 43 km/hr and it stayed there for the whole ride. We stopped pedalling and it came down but went back up to 43 when we started pedalling again. When we came to hills the resistance increased but we were still at 43. It was the same for both of us so it wasn’t just my trainer. I looked for info on the internet but nobody mentioned the problem.
After the ride I tried a different route, thinking maybe the glitch was in the new route but the same thing happened on a ride in Yorkshire. Then I tried a ride in Innsbruck and the problem was gone. Both of us are using Elite trainers.

Was this in a meetup? If so, you should search the forums as I think this is a known issue.

Please do a search on the forum it is a Known issue in small meetups.