Problem with Elite Qubo Digital B+ in 'Free Ride' which renders FTP tests useless

(Bram Drinktank) #1

When going in ‘Free Ride’ mode (in e.g. a FTP-test) the resistance in the trainer is set very low. The trainer (mine) overestimates the rolling resistance and assumes I’m doing more watts than I actually do. Hence it renders the FTP test useless.  

An idea to fix this is by increasing the resistance level of the trainer as speed goes up. 

(A Tage (Kiss B)) #2

The free ride block in workouts mode is a SIM mode so it does not follow the gradient of the course. You can use the app to adjust the resistance or the + & - keys. The hud should show a bar and low is supposed to be flat and full is 8%  i think. what would be a level 3 resistance seems to work .