FTP Test Resistance

So I am using a Elite Qubo Digital Interactive in the USA (Qubo Digital Smart B+ in other countries?) trainer and my FTP I believe is around 245-250w range. I know because I can complete a Classic 2x20min at 245w with my FTP set to 245W.

When I do an FTP test I can complete the warm ups and even hit upto 90rpm/cadence but once the actual 20mins FTP hits, the resistance gets exponentially high thats its almost impossible to hit 90rpm even for a couple of minutes. I can only pedal and sustain 70rpm with a huge resistance so Lactate threshold hits so fast that I stop. I either give up and cannot sustain the test so my ftp with the test is a measly 180w. LOL. 180W is too easy for me in reality when training so I know thats not my FTP its Zone 2 in power for me.

I have been figuring out why is this and it seems that when I turn off the ERG mode, the default resistance is high? Is this intentional?

Did you try to decrease the resistance using the buttons on the Zwift mobile link (ZML)


I am not using the mobile app but i tried clicking the +/- buttons, does not really seem to do anything? 

I also did and experiment where I set my FTP to 90w and do the test. Once i begin the actual 20 min FTP then a pretty substantial resistance is present. Its like doing a 5-7% climb.

Side question. Can I work simultanuesly with the mobile app while having Zwift run in my Mac?

I’m a windows user so I cant help with that. But i would think you can run Zwift on your mac computer and Zwift mobile link on your phone.


Yes you are correct the +/- buttons does not change the resistance. 




You realize of course that once you start the FTP part of the test your trainer goes out of ERG mode and into a standard resistance mode. You change resistance by changing gears.

Changing gears and changing trainer resistance in my case.

What is a “standard resistance” mode. I know it goes out of ERG mode but unsure where it’s basing its resistance.

Since its technically a free ride is it basing it on the zwift terrain so you change gears like you are in non training mode? 

No it’s not a free ride when you’re doing the 20 minute segment. It will put you into a fixed resistance mode. I use Trainerroad to do my FTP tests. That warms you up in ERG mode then the test part is in standard mode (i.e. dumb trainer mode). You have to change gear to change resistance. However you can adjust the resistance level (I’m talking about Trainerroad here) before the ride or while you’re testing. Trainerroad has 10 levels of resistance 0 being no resistance and 10 is maximum. You still have to change gear. I got caught out first time around when I changed up to a smart trainer as I had the resistance level set at 0 in the settings as I had never used it before.

Pretty sure Zwift is similar.

Make sure the Qubo is calibrated properly. I gather these can be finicky to get accurate power.