Private messaging toggle does not work

(Alison Kubota [Vision] CVR) #1

I toggled off private messaging on the smartphone app but private messaging keeps coming through.  No means No so why does this feature not work?  It needs to be fixed.  A it too much to ask for and be able to get privacy when I am riding?

(Eric Min) #2

Does it display in both the mobile and game? There are separate settings for the mobile and game. 

(Alison Kubota [Vision] CVR) #3





There is a separate privacy toggle for the game?  I’ve been looking around for it, maybe my eyes are not working so well, I can’t tell where it is in the different menus.

(Gerrie Delport) #4

For the game you should hide Group-Chat ,then you wont see the messages on the PC screen.


Wow are you running on 4K resolution.

(Alison Kubota [Vision] CVR) #5

Oh I see.  Group-Chat will exclude direct private chats?  I’ll do that.  Thanks


(Laszlo Fodor) #6

Hi Allison,

It looks as though this issue might have been resolved. If it is not, please submit a support ticket and I will look into it. 

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