Private message for pc users

As the topic states, when will pc users be able to send private messages to friends ingame ? I receive messages on the screen, they turn up orange, but if i want to answer, i’ll have to do it in normal chat where everyone can see it.



If you run the companion app alongside your zwift session, you’ll be able to select individuals who’s messaged you and reply directly to them through that app, rather than relying on the default local/nearby chat via keyboard shortcuts.

Thx, i know that, but i dont use the companion app while riding as it’s better for me to use the keyboard.
In every game/platform on pc there’s the option to chat, why not here.


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It is a bit of a pain but you can use the companion app.

I would prefer to use the Pc for private messages, it is 1000x easier to type on a keyboard than on a telephone.