Pressing "A" shouldn't stop my ride. Please make it Ctrl+A OR ALT+A

Just some feedback here. Pressing “A” on the keyboard takes you directly to the pairing screen, and auto-brakes your rider to a quick halt.

I’ve heard multiple complaints from riders in group rides who accidentally hit A and get dropped off the back, never to return. And I’ve definitely done it myself as a ride leader, multiple times–usually when I’m typing a message but somehow miss hitting “M” before I start typing, or accidentally send the message then keep typing…

I’m not sure why auto-braking happens on the pairing screen at all–maybe to discourage cheaters from flipping between power sources? If that’s the case, perhaps auto-brake should only engage if you click to change the power source?

Had one Zwifter tell me he was having issues with his HRM in a group ride yesterday–clicked to get to the pairing screen to pair a different HRM, and he got auto-braked and thrown out the back.

This is probably the most annoying to happen during a group ride, especially if you are a ride leader.

It would be nice if we can have the shortcut be “SHIFT + A” or if we can customize our shortcuts.


Adding a default key modifier like Shift would be a perfect solution to this! Great call, Gerrie!

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I’d like to see Eric’s suggestion implemented. I’d rather not have to remember that the pairing keystroke, unlike the others, requires the shift modifier.

What Gerrie said … I am stunned I havent accidentally done this given the amount of typos I make when msg’ing or trying to change music etc. Vote vote vote people, this is sensible and an easy one to implement

They should just remove auto brake. That would also help with the small drop outs during a ride some get as the brakes would not come on before it re-pairs.


Maybe they should all require SHIFT or ALT. It’s annoying to do other things by accident too (like turn the graph off).


Wasn’t this implemented because of races, so you couldn’t switch to a TT bike, when going downhill? Not 100% sure this was it, but I remember this from one race…

I think you are referring to the change that your bike has to be stopped in order to change bikes. That was implemented because people were switching bikes.

My understanding is the way the paring screen work is once you go to the paring screen your ANT+ and Bluetooth start searching for devices and that could causes unwanted results while broadcasting. I would imagine it caused some spikes.

I would like more shortcut keys please, it is a pain to use the mouse/trackball while riding. But all of them require SHIFT + {someting} . Exept for the numbers (view’s) and F1 - F12 keys.

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You can’t switch the bike frame or wheels in motion. But that’s on the T screen, not the A screen.

When using a keyboard to chat in game it is too easy to accidentally hit the A key (pairing screen) and cause your avatar to stop completely. This has happened to me and many people I know while riding with others and also while leading a ride. Even with years of experience (or a dodgy M key) it is possible to ruin your ride by hitting A without meaning to.

Surely this could and should be changed to a combo of Shift+A or similar to avoid these hassles. Or moved to a different key. It doesn’t make sense using a key that is very likely to be hit when someone starts typing. Alternatively, allow the avatar to keep moving rather than coming to a complete stop. Then you could back out of the pairing screen without any adverse effects.

I want to Revive this one.

Can we please have the pairing screen mapped to Ctrl+A or Alt+A

It is to easy to hit A during a race or event and BOOM your race is over.